Sunday, 2 November 2008

Is Ebay always the cheapest?

This is what i thought when i started using Ebay. I only realized that this is not true when i was looking for a CF card on ebay. I thought i should try looking at amazon. To my amazement, i found the price different between ebay and amazon for that particular item is about £20. I ended up buying a few of this card from amazon and selling it back on ebay for a healty profit. From that day on, i survey the market first before i buy anything online. Google Shopping is a good way to survey price of an item. In the picture below i compare the price for a 320gb harddisk. The cheapest on ebay was £41.90 including postage. I decided to get the harddisk from for only £36.49. I even get £0.84 back for buying through Quidco. I even check my local computer store and it's cheaper than ebay. For those who have already got a mindset that you always get things cheaper on ebay, i hope this is useful for you.

CM Capture 1.png

dabs harddisk.png

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