Friday, 3 October 2008

Make Money the easy way : CashBack Company

Making money online has to be one of the most popular topic of the 20th century. Every now and again you heard about people making millions off their blog or website. Advertisement has been the most common source of income for many bloggers, but how many time have people click a link and buy from your website. I've been maintaining a website for years now and never have anyone click and buy through my link. The most i get is from google adsense, because it's pay per click. All i can say is, it's not my thing. I won't be making my next million dollars through advertising on my website. Might as well save some money while you shop. As they said, a penny saved is a penny earn. Quidco and TopCashBack are few of many cashback company in the UK. What i like about these two company is that they pay 100% cashback.

Let me explain how internet advertisement works. Let say you have a website and you want to use your website to advertise other people products for a commision. What you do is you register with advertisement company like,, Then you apply to be promoter of a product.When you are approved, you can put their banner on your webpage. You will earn a percentage of their profit when somebody click and buy through your link. It's a time consuming task to apply, get approved and the worst is to get people to click and buy from your website. Furthermore, you can't use your own link to buy something yourself and earn commision. It's not ethical.

However, now with Quidco and TopCashBack, you can earn money just by using their link. Anybody now can earn money online, no website required. Just register and buy through them, and you'll get 100% of the commision they received from the advertisement company. Yes, 100% percent. The only catch with Quidco is that you have to pay admin fee of 5 quid per annum. I'd say that's not a bad deal considering some cashback company is taking a few percent of your earning on each transaction. This is why Quidco and TopCashBack are so popular.

I've been using quidco for all my Ebay stuff, free sim card, changing my electric and gas supplier , and even for flight tickets. And when my mobile contract is finish, i'll cancel them and buy a new contract using quidco link. My last contract through Dialaphone saves me 60 quid. And there are now mobile phone provider giving up to 150 cashback.

For those new to quidco, i suggest you start with the free sims, just to pay off the 5 pound admin fee. If your broadband contract is due to finish, just cancel it and get a new contract through quidco. There are a few company offering over 100 pound to sign up with them. When you are going on holiday, use quidco for your hotels and flight. People have been saving thousands of pound using quidco.

Happy Quidcoing.......

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